Monday, October 22, 2012

Photographs and Ethics

In Friday's class we viewed many different links to show how ethics can affect the outcome of photographs.  In many ways photographs can be altered for the good, to crop out something that didn't need to be there, to edit the contrast, and other small details.  In the pictures that we viewed, the editing purposes were misused.  The cropping tools were used to make one thing look a different way than it really happened. Also, the editors were superimposing images onto old background of other pictures that had been used several times.  Many photographers also tried to make something seem as if it occured naturally, such as a toy being found during a natural disaster, but one photographer in particular made is very obvious that he was randomly placing objects into the pictures, because the toys weren't dirty and they were oddly placed. 

          Some of the links that we went to were:

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