Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Photoshop Effect

In class we watched a video on the photoshop effect.  In this video a reporter volunteered to be photographed and photoshopped just to see the effect that it has on people.  The reporter was very excited about being able to see herself in a photoshopped point of view, she even said she thought she liked her self better as photoshopped.  In reality most people would like to see themselves as photoshopped, because with photoshop you can always change what you don't like.

In part two of the video on photoshop, there were several comments on taking photoshopped pictures out of the media, because they are causing problems.  Someone also made a statement that photoshopped pictures should be tagged in magazines and other forms of media to let people know that the photos are not "real"and that they have been retouched.  I think that adding a disclaimer to a magazine about the photos would be a good idea if that is what the media thinks is best.  A warning label doesn't really stop people from doing other things that are supposed to be dangerous.  

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